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 Le' S'mores News For December 16th-20th!

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Le' S'mores News For December 16th-20th! Empty
PostSubject: Le' S'mores News For December 16th-20th!   Le' S'mores News For December 16th-20th! Icon_minitimeTue Dec 16, 2008 1:12 pm


Hai. It's Gabbie here; You might be wondering what's this forum for exactly? Well when we decide to post new information, such as who'll be on or not, or new bannishments, rankings, whatever fits -- it's here.

I'm currently considering doing a Le Smores News Show on YOUTUBE for this forum, I wouldn't think it'd be too popular though, so..

Toon News:

To news about me and other clan members; I'm currently working on my 123 laffy tryin' to make her 137 (I expect within 5-8 months, Max time and Min.), So I most LIKELY won't be on Epic so much, HOWEVER feel free to SF me on Cosmic (123 laff), Emma (111 laff I go on, too.), or Baby Milkyway (My noob that I assist with Emma.)
I'm also figuring out real-life christmas presents for other members of this clan soo =] that'll be fun but it'll take time off me, too.
And basically I've decided how I would get to 137 and it apparently takes all my time if I'm serious, however I'm not =]..


I decided some new events =D! Because I recently got into Toontown A LOT, in which case you'll see what's in store in the Events forum =] I hope you like ALL the events, and please note; I randomly thought of them and I think they'd be pretty cool, but if you've got suggestions and comments; comment on the actual post of an event, thanks =]

New Admin!:
With Vamsi; we banned him for a day and now he's an Admin, so he's gonna watch over this more =] Thanks so much, Vamsi =D! So if you've got questions; direct them to me, Roxi, Bri, or 'Le S'more! (Vamsi, of course =].)

Important, SF!?!?:

We want this forum and clan to be as original as possible, so people are copying already -- And we hardly have 30+ members!! But hey, that's awesome =] but guys! We're still not all of your SFS!!!! Whoever ISN'T SFs with Epic Smore, Ineet Smore Coffee Ploxx, Smore, and Ducky Wanna Smore-- SF!!! We're the Admins, you've got to or you're banned! =[


Other Blabbing!:

Since me and Roxi have like all the time in the world (especially me, at the moment lol), I'm soooo thinking up new stuff each day for this clan! =] But like I said, suggestions of events?, suggestions of news updates?, anything at all? Post here; as long as it's got something to do with the FUTURE of Le' S'mores!

A Little Surprise? :O?:

And finally, we STRONGLY are against people being in music videos because... ...Well... Not to be rude!, but people ONLY SF us to be in our music videos, (My old youtube was VERYYYY popular, it got hacked and closed though =/), but people still enjoy my videos and still ask to be in them; however, I'm planning to let you guys in some videos, when you win events as rewards =] Who DOESN'T like being a pre-madonna star, I mean REALLY!??!


Please Be Kind!:

All I can say is, we might not be on too much right now, but please don't quit, just chill with other members until we can be on, because if you aren't there for us, why would we be there for you? =/ common kindness, people, please remember that and thank you =]!


That's about all right now; it's 7:07 a.m.; I have NO sleep, and I'm building-ing like CRAZY on cosmic trying to be small! It sucks! So yeah =O..

Event Specifics:

Events most likely will begin on their given date; however we should be most likely prepared by the 20th, and since nothing huge happens EVERY day, doing a few-days-a-week News Post couldn't hurt!


Meeting Reminder!!:

Please remember to keep coming to meetings;

Every Sunday (Unless you say you can't- not saying so will be strongly risky as of being banned, we're considering you're rude, even if you're not, that's why you need to say you can't come if you really can't :O... =[)

4 P.M. Central time, 5 P.M. Eastern, and 2 P.M. PST (Someone correct time-zone errors if I'm too drowzy to notice, thanks.)

Le' S'mores News For December 16th-20th! Siggyy10

~Because who wants boring when you can have Epic..?~
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Le' S'mores News For December 16th-20th!
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