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 Are YOU Broke? :O Oh no!

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Are YOU Broke? :O Oh no! Empty
PostSubject: Are YOU Broke? :O Oh no!   Are YOU Broke? :O Oh no! Icon_minitimeTue Dec 16, 2008 1:17 pm

I've been CFOing a lot with pals, and I got a ton of JB Unites just from a few CFO's, so I thought what if we had our OWN private JB fests? Because I know even though I've got quite a few "Good Toons", I still get broker than a noob, LOL.

And I don't really think that's a bad idea! However, I'm a little eery on setting a perm. day for it!

Because if we got busy, and couldn't CFO too much for unites, then people came on that date every so often and no JBS, so I'm thinking we set the anual JB UNITE FEST, on our own times!

I know that's a little buggy, but it's the easiest way and you can check back to see when another one is!
You should even suggest times that'd be good for you! I'm considering 4-5 P.M, if it's a school day, ya know, people are out, no stopping the JB fest; when: I have no idea really o-o

I've only got like 1250 worth of JB Unites but that was in 6 CFO's and I'm maxxed so I can CFO non stop, so that'd be cool..

I really would like to help you guys, and I understand you all have your own higher toons; but ummm.. I'm 123 going on 124 and I didn't have JB unites for like... 7 months LMAO I'm guessing I'm not the only one =D But yeah..

If you'd like this as an event with like.... 10,000 JBS per Fest, please suggest! I like working my ass off; as long as I don't have a deadline to do so! :O

Are YOU Broke? :O Oh no! Siggyy10

~Because who wants boring when you can have Epic..?~
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Are YOU Broke? :O Oh no!
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