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 Win a Closet-Full, Girls and Guys! =D

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Win a Closet-Full, Girls and Guys! =D Empty
PostSubject: Win a Closet-Full, Girls and Guys! =D   Win a Closet-Full, Girls and Guys! =D Icon_minitimeTue Dec 16, 2008 1:23 pm

loooool. Just what the title is, since we've got so many members; along with their high-toons, why not have a random-drawing of who gets their Smore a cloest-full of on-sale, hot clothing!?

AAHAHAHAH You're thinking YES! FINALLY! Well I don't blame you, I'd enjoy it, too.

For this event, I'm thinking it'd just be literally a random gifting for a random members; paid by me, given by someone or perhaps an Admin! Depends whose got the cattelog lol(:

Winner(s) would OF COURSE be displayed somewhere everyone could see, probably here! Same title but with (WINNERS LISTED), or something like that.

Anyways, same as always, reply to what YOU think, we're not doing this unless you say your part! You decide the future of Le' S'mores, keep that in mind, guys! =]


Win a Closet-Full, Girls and Guys! =D Siggyy10

~Because who wants boring when you can have Epic..?~
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Win a Closet-Full, Girls and Guys! =D
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