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 Ohmygosh? New clothing..? GIMME?

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Ohmygosh? New clothing..? GIMME? Empty
PostSubject: Ohmygosh? New clothing..? GIMME?   Ohmygosh? New clothing..? GIMME? Icon_minitimeTue Dec 16, 2008 1:29 pm

Yeah, I'm expecting the new clothing out soon! I've already seen the outfits on my test account, and fallen in love. It's basically a ton of seasonal stuff for XMAS =]

But.. You could get it ALL for your smore! Just by being the most talkactive on forums =D, please keep in mind though, this varys on what gender; I'm a chick so I'll get CHICKS the stuff, depending on who wins.. We've got dudes on this clan, too, so no worry guys =]

Anyway, the stuff includes;

Melting Snowman (garden decor)
Winter Tree (I think household decor, I forgot lol.)
Skirt (Female, HOT)
Skirt, female
Skirt, female
Skirt, female,
possibly another skirt o-o

They aren't named yet so =O..

but they're so cute!

The classic Christmas tops!
The christmas wallpaper, along with the not-released-yet christmas moulding; of your choice.

And a couple Christmas Phrases:

This event is pretty much to make YOUR toon, the most seasonal, happy peppy jolly toon on toontown for the granted season/holiday!

I think we'll do this from now on; depending on holidays, but I think it's cool =]

I know I said this already but just for those who don't understand:

Whoever is most active on FORUMS (Whoever posts/talks the most), wins!
And I'm not sure when this'll happen but POSSIBLY when the test-stuff is out! =]

Enjoy, reply if we should go ahead with this event!


Ohmygosh? New clothing..? GIMME? Siggyy10

~Because who wants boring when you can have Epic..?~
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Ohmygosh? New clothing..? GIMME?
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