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 That's The Jolly Spirit!

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That's The Jolly Spirit! Empty
PostSubject: That's The Jolly Spirit!   That's The Jolly Spirit! Icon_minitimeTue Dec 16, 2008 1:33 pm

We're NOWHERE near this, but helping your fellow clan-mates is never too hard, when we get to CFOing, and VPing, all that! Whenever you help someone; tell us, along with a screenie just so we know you did it, and you win the first-ever "Holly Jolly Spirited Trophy", it's just a virtual trophy for you to treasure; but it comes along with a whopping 10,000 JB's worth of unites JUST FOR YOU =O

How you win, technically: If you help the MOST out of all the helping/participating members, then you win =], second and third placed people will win their bronze and silver trophy, along with JB Unites, too, just not as much =]

1st Place: Gold Trophy, 10,000 JBS
2nd Place: Silver Trophy, 5,000 JBS
3rd Place: Bronze Trophy, 1,000 JBS

This event POSSIBLY will be once every 1-2 months; because 10,000 is A LOT!! Especially for one toon! But it'll fill up your biggest bank; so please keep in mind, if you DON'T have a 10,000 bank, PLEASE TELL US; we don't want the unites wasted =[

But thanks, let me know of your ideas, comments, thoughts, ect, ect.


That's The Jolly Spirit! Siggyy10

~Because who wants boring when you can have Epic..?~
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That's The Jolly Spirit!
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