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PostSubject: 'Le S'more Rules   'Le S'more Rules Icon_minitimeWed Dec 10, 2008 11:43 am

The Smores Clan; Rules And Guidelines For A Toontastic Time!

-Please Note: We understand there may be quite a few rules but it's only to make sure this clan is in the best, funnest shape possible. Please respect and understand these rules as it'll determine whether you'll stay in "The Smores Clan", or not. Thanks.-

Please feel free to contact either I, Or the other clan LEADERS if you need help! But for information on a certain topic please read below. We've tried listing all possible at the moment.

We do not want anyone talking bad about ANYONE in this clan, if someone does so, you'll either get your rank down, or you'll be expelled, and it's as simple as that, Sorry.

Respect and Forgive Mistakes! People make mistakes ALL the time, so if you Toon dies because of one, forgive. Unless it was intentional, the person most likely didn't mean to, and nevertheless it's better to forgive anyhow. Although it might not always be fair, show YOUR character of judgement and be the better person!

We would love people having a wonderful time in the clan, however going too far like cursing at someone, or hurting someone's feelings will NOT be tolerated. We take serious action against this and forbid you in our clan if you do so. Please be nice, not so cruel.

If you have proof and logical reasons as to why you'd like someone to be punished for their wrong-doing in this clan, please feel free to tell us! If you can provide proof (Such as Screenshots/Conversations), and reason(s) why you want them to either get a ranking down or to be expelled, just relax and explain. We'll ALWAYS listen!

Be a great leader. If you show you're kind and caring, then you'll make it FAR in this clan. We love seeing people being nice and cheering people up! If we see disrespecting, or anything involving that term, please be prepared to be spoken to. Like we've said, we'll enjoy your happiness but no rudeness is tolerated.

Possible Punishments:

Rank down once or a few times depending on what you did
Banned out of the clan

Thank you for reading, if you've got more questions, we've got anwsers. Contact us!



'Le S'more Rules Roxgab810
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'Le S'more Rules
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